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PDFS of the presentations  


New Member
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10/12/2020 11:20 am  

Many thanks for organizing such a great forum online. I was wondering if PDF of the presentations may be available? there is a lot of information presented in each lecture and it would be nice to re read the presentations at our leisure.


Kind regards

Fiona Mac Dermott 

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10/12/2020 12:58 pm  

Hello Fiona,

You can have a look at the single presentations at your own path in our youtube channel, where we have uploaded the single presentations to allow you to watch (stop and play) just the presentations you are interested in. 

We did not ask for the ppts / pdfs, however please remember that you can get in touch with the presenters in this forum.

Here is the Youtube Playlist for the single presentations for day I  and this is the playlist for day II 

This is the link to our youtube channel 

Thank you for your nice words!




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