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N. Gibbens - Making...
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N. Gibbens - Making Public-Private Partnerships work against FAST diseases: the public sector role.  


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16/02/2021 10:54 am  

[on Behalf of EuFMD team] In many developing countries in recent years has been observed a progressive tendency of the public veterinary services to progressively shift their core activities towards a regulatory role (rather than the delivery of clinical services – my experience in Central Asian countries for example).

From your perspective and also from your experience of former CVO of UK would you consider this tendency as actually facilitating the establishment of PPP platforms? In your experience did you have the perception that there are still barriers in defining the respective roles of the public and private sectors?

Koen Mintiens
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16/02/2021 11:22 am  

Thank you Nigel for your insight. You rightly mentioned that PPPs require investments of all partners. In terms of FAST diseases, veterinarians may want to invest in control activities, for which they may be paid by the Veterinary Services. Livestock producers may not be so eager to invest in FAST disease control activities as outbreak control often impose trade restrictions, which they can not avoid if they would e.g. invest in better biosecurity. Can you comment on the potential drivers for farmers to invest in FAST disease contingency planning under these circumstances, and how the public sector can support these drivers?

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16/02/2021 11:40 am  

[on behalf of EuFMD team - also asked Dr. C.de Marchie Sarvaas] Information, predictability, and accessibility are key indicators (among others) for the private sector to assess the return of investment. Would you consider the capacity and capabilities of the animal health sector within a country (public, private vet, paravets) as something to be preliminarily evaluated to assess that investment might be worth?



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