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[Sticky] L. Boden - Effective risk communication for better preventive measures. Barriers, opportunities and strategies to ensure adequate response to risk change.  


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09/12/2020 2:11 pm  

Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security, The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies and The Roslin Institute, Easter Bush CampusMidlothianEH25 9RG

This era has been characterized as one of acceleration due to the exponential growth of globalization, climate change and technology. There are increasing risks associated with (re)emergence of novel and  existing animal and zoonotic diseases, and high uncertainty about when and where these may emerge first, and who may be most affected. Access to “Big Data” offers the potential to fast-track decision-making during outbreaks and there is a corresponding demand for high-speed technocratic approaches to policy-making. 

Risk assessments, which evaluate the potential effectiveness of risk reduction strategies, may be technically robust but fail in practice if they do not take into account the lived experience of relevant stakeholders and wider society shouldering the burden of these risks. There is a professional and moral imperative for scientists and decision-makers to address risk perceptions, values and beliefs of different audiences in order to close knowledge gaps and communicate risk appropriately. 

This presentation explores the role of risk communication and its aims, and considers effective strategies, barriers and opportunities for operationalisation.  It concludes that effective communication, with the appropriate audiences and at the right time, leads to better and more ethical risk management.

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10/12/2020 2:39 pm  

Lisa very interesting presentation. During the presentation I started thinking on the communication of Trump. Apparently misinformation is often more easily picked up than scientific information. How should scientist manage their communication?

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10/12/2020 2:46 pm  

very interesting presentation...thank you!...one question i have is how you create trust and adapt fast in a world that is driven by "social media" [facts]?

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10/12/2020 3:46 pm  

As far as I learnt so far is that risk communication plan should be a chapter in the contingency plan and there are some rules to follow for example 

 meet the needs of media be truthful and frank  . listen to people and speak clearly , coordinate and collaborate and partner with other credible sources.....

otherwise you will leave the floor to fake and false information and loose trust 

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