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[Sticky] M.J. Francis - From Bench to Field: Rapid Veterinary Vaccine Development and Platform Technologies.  


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09/12/2020 2:47 pm  



This Keynote Presentation will describe the veterinary vaccine development process. It will cover steps from bench to field and go on to discuss a few ways in which the standard process can potentially be accelerated. It will then briefly review novel vaccine platform technologies and provide an example of a “One Health” approach to vaccination.

Veterinary Vaccine Development Process and Accelerated Development

Different stages of the commercial development process will be presented from new product considerations and early discovery through to feasibility, full development and product registration (www.vaccinedevelopment.org.uk). A few potential ways in which this process could be accelerated will then be discussed with specific reference to the research & development, manufacturing and regulatory stages.

Platform Technologies and a “One Heath” vaccine

A selection of recombinant vaccine platform technologies covering killed/inactivated and live/attenuated approaches will be briefly reviewed and an example of a “One Health” approach to Rift Valley Fever vaccination utilizing a ChAdOx1 non-replicating virus vector will be presented. This will include data on the safety, efficacy and stability of the vaccine and a summary of some of the unique attributes of this novel platform technology for use in both livestock and humans. The significance of new vaccine technologies within veterinary medicine will be discussed and some biotechnology breakthroughs that have occurred within veterinary vaccines will be reviewed.


Finally, a few key messages related to future veterinary vaccine development will be covered and this summary will include market considerations, commercial requirements, end-user benefits and the importance of novel technologies.

Koen Mintiens
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15/12/2020 2:16 pm  

Thank you for your clear presentation. What is still unclear for me is how the efficacy of vaccines is tested in the target species during the clinical trials. How is the 'control' group defined? May that be different for veterinary and human vaccines development?





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