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[Sticky] J. Vaarten - Tackling FAST diseases through a public-private partnership  


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09/12/2020 3:45 pm  


Food-and-mouth disease And Similar Transboundary (FAST) animal diseases are a constant threat to the European livestock sector. They do not only cause large animal health and welfare problems, they are also disruptive for private partners of the livestock production value chain, as well as for public authorities and institutions involved. Successful prevention and control of FAST diseases requires the involvement and collaboration of private and public partners. 

A group of 8 European organisations - representing farmers, breeders, traders, feed producers, renderers and the animal health sector -  supported by EuFMD, has set up a platform against FAST diseases. The platform seeks communication and collaboration with public partners in a Public-Private-Partnership, and listed items for debate including:

  • reconsidering criteria for application of emergency vaccination and creating a lever for keeping vaccinated animals in the food chain; 
  • incentivising  biosecurity on farms for preventing FAST diseases;
  • capacity  on farms,  in test laboratories, on rendering plants, etc.  in the face of FAST disease outbreaks;
  • biosecurity management in the feed chain.

This initiative is well in line with EuFMD Workplans Phase V 2019 – 2021, which aims to establish Public and Private Sector Platforms (PPSP) for FAST diseases. With the support of EuFMD, the private stakeholders wish to invite their public stakeholders’ partners and academia to a series of workshops and simulation exercises that addresses specific aspects of FAST disease prevention and control. 

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17/12/2020 10:49 am  

Thank you for a nice presentation. It is well-noted that the role of private veterinarians and organizations are crucial in controlling a FAST disease. In the context of EU, are there any regulation/s that limit involvement of private sector in the disease control? In other word, how the private sectors will be mobilized during the urgency of disease control? Are there any framework in place? 

Toma Petrovic
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22/12/2020 12:58 pm  

Excellent presentation Mr Vaarten!

You highlighted very good need of close cooperation-partnership of public and private sector!



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